Adobe Typekit + SFAQ

In 2014, I was asked to curate and produce a pop-up artist book library and new media show with San Francisco Arts Quarterly and Adobe Typekit for San Francisco's annual Art Market international art fair. 

Publications, showcasing selections from Adobe Typekit’s design and typography library, were displayed alongside the work of an array of international, digitally based artists, publishers, designers and collectives.

The Adobe Typekit + SFAQ  ‘Pop-Up Exhibition & Library’ served as a physical space for the exploration, engagement and discussion surrounding contemporary digital-based art practices. Works spanned a wide variety of mediums, from traditional print form to digital media installations, videos, websites, objects, magazines and zines will all be on display; And the public was encouraged to interact with and explore the content available.

‘The Pop-Up Exhibition and Library’ was a space conceived to proactively bridge the gap between artists and individuals working in programming, design and tech. Select digital and online artists were involved in the concurrent Digital Arts and Technology Issue of SFAQ  had their video and web-based works displayed, showcasing some of the top young contemporary artists working with technology today.

In addition to the ‘Pop-Up Exhibition and Library,’ Adobe Typekit + SFAQ also presented public programing featuring former Rhizome Senior Editor (and current YBCA curator) Ceci Moss, as well as renowned digital artist Rafael Rozendaal.

Participating Artists:

Rafael RozendaalPetra CortrightMolly SodaCole Schreiber & David ParkerYoshi SodeokaCristopher CichockiSpectral NetJimmy Joe RocheJohnny WoodsJennifer Juniper Stratford and Leslie Kulesh

Publications / Collectives / Objects

Adobe Typekit CollectionSFAQ, The Thing QuarterlyIconographJustin BlythAlain Vonck, Supplemental Magazine, Eye BodegaJunk Jet, Catalogue Library, Marco Agosta, Colpa PressLand + SeaForage PressLodret VandretMatt BernsteinMaximage (Julien Tavelli & David Kashavjy), ImpericaAntonio RobertsGood PressHardland/HeartlandChris Nocenzo / PacketArt Paper Editions / Jurgen MaelfeytAlain VonckWater McBeer, Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes, and Anthony Antonellis