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Hi! I’m Nate Hooper.

I’m a California based creative director exploring the crossroads of culture and design. Over the past 10 years I’ve been called an art director, a design director, a brand director, and having run two contemporary art spaces, a gallery director.

I grew up immersed in California subcultures, splitting my time between San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood and my family's commune in rural Mendocino County.

Those influences have given me a unique and authentic understanding of youth and outsider markets. I work with brands big and small, overseeing teams or wearing all the hats myself. Whatever the task, I believe research and collaboration are what help tell the best and most authentic story.

These days, I spend my spare time on a never ending search for reference material for Slurricane, contributing to and art directing Mixtapeth, and living in Echo Park with my wife Natalie and our dog Piper.

Notable Press:

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